8 Top Tips For You to Believe You Can

It is amazing what happens to the body when you start to feel the benefits of exercise. You feel confident, fabulous and something quite curious happens! You want more! You want to see if you could push your body a little harder.

2020 could be your year to take on a challenge. The first one on the WALX With Sole calendar is the Reading Half Marathon on Sunday 1st November, 2020. This is very special as it is on home turf with a home crowd to cheer you on to that unique stadium finish. We help you with your training, put on technique and endurance building workshops, and encourage you take part in a few extra regular weekly sessions to really build your fitness and strength.

You WILL want to see what your mind can accept if your body is feeling the need to go a little further, even faster!

Welcome to the crazy but glorious world of acceptance! This is where you can work out of your comfort zones and start signing up for a few events and set your world alight with the delights of endorphins and smug glee!

Janine was always told she shouldn’t run; or couldn’t run; or worse, wouldn’t run. How many times have you heard something similar. Other people are thrusting their own fears and doubts upon you. Janine dared to do and she learned how much she loved the schedule of training and stepping on to the start line to show not just that she could, but that she did!  She went from 5km Race for Life to 134 miles as 5 marathon in 5 days, plus a few 24 hour non stop ultra distances; Janine shares her top tips to enjoy the same journey.

  1. Love the activity you have chosen, then you know that it wont be a gruelling schedule of pure agony or even hate.
  2. Choose a goal that will keep you tingling with fear and delight! Get that adrenalin pumping and feast upon that glow that courses through your body when you think about the name and date of that event.
  3. Plan and prepare for success. You can’t just wing or even blag your way to a finish line. You need the time to sit and plan what time you have available for training and gradually increase the training load for strength and stamina. You also need to have a realistic timescale. Don’t sign up for a marathon that takes place next weekend if you have only just mastered gear two Nordic walking for twenty minutes! Janine can provide you with a training plan that will suit your diary, work and life balance.
  4. Think, train and eat like an athlete. You may think of yourself as a 9-5pm working housewife who needs to shop, cook and organise the family. But dig deep, turn that into an athlete who will take ownership of the need to turn every second of the day to emerge from the daily grind into the new aspiring athlete.
  5. To train like an athlete you will have to find new ways to add in the effort. When the training plan starts to rack up the extra Nordic walking or running extra miles you either have to get up early, work out in your lunch break, add in a few extra after your group session. That’s why your challenge needs to get yo
    u a-tingling to help you through these new sacrifices of finding time.
  6. To eat like an athlete you will need to think about drinking more water and making better choices for more nutritious dense food. Instead of crisps reach for an apple; instead of wine, reach for sparkling water. Think of your body as a prestigious car that needs quality fuel; it won’t run well on chip oil! Janine’s top tip here is to be sensible and focused for 80% of the time and then have a day to relax with a few favourite things. Sunday is her Family Day when she doesn’t train and enjoys a few glasses of wine and a chocolate brownie pudding with icecream (for example). Life is for living too! Just everything in moderation.
  7. Believe to achieve! You will have moments of self doubt and think, “why on earth did I sign up for that”?That’s what having a positive daily mantra is essential and a big enough “Why”. Think about your reason for doing that challenge – was it a personal goal? a charity fundraiser? in memory of a lost loved one? Keep re-engaging with that reason. Have it written somewhere that can be a constant reminder. Build your daily mantra to repeat several times a day but especially when self doubt creeps in. “I love me”,or  “Because I am worth it”, may seem a little self indulgent but why not? You are worth it and what else do you do for you and to show us exactly how amazing you are! Although we already know it!
  8. Recharge to rejuvenate! Your schedule will have a mix of the activity of your challenge (eg., Nordic walking) and cross training (eg., swimming, yoga, pilates, kettlebells). It is essential to have some down time and give your body a rest. The body needs time to recover and repair. Seriously, if ever there was a big push for something that MUST be done it is for the Recovery Day. Relax and enjoy some quality family and friends time. Use that as a time to say thank you to them for putting up with your terrier-like determination to train and probably not see them as much.

WALX With Sole is about team and community spirit. We help you find your inner sparkle and give you the confidence to reach beyond the stars. When you are ready to take on a challenge we are with you every step of the way. We truly believe that by pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, you find your real YOU. How can we help you with that journey today?

Updated: April 27, 2020 — 2:13 pm