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WALX With Sole is a Reading based walking group that thrives on fresh air fitness.

We exercise the soul on the souls!

We offer a variety of nordic walks to entice everyone outdoors for more than just an adventure. We read the maps so you can relax and enjoy the chatter and scenery. It’s maximum smileage in Mother Nature’s gym. Awesome!

Join us, your vibrant, friendly, welcoming and supportive WALX community today. It’s your first step to being active in the great outdoors!
Meet like minded people who also enjoy the wonderful outdoors and share your passion for outdoor exercise as:
  • Explorer WALX,
  • Total Body WALX,
  • Wellness WALX, or a
  • Nordic WALX.
  • Our WALX can include Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing, Freestyle Fitness Yoga, Smoveys, ProXwalkers, Power WALX, for example.
  • Why not also try out our Qi WALX, with Qi breathing, movement and mindfulness. There is strength in these Slow WALX!
We offer  WALX in the safety of a group, with knowledgeable WALX Guides and Coaches plus fabulous company. Discover new paths, new friends, renewed energy, improved sleep, a positive and healthier body.
No more worries about finding a willing person to walk with, or worry about getting lost or even where to walk; we take away the pressure so you can enjoy at leisure. 
Fresh air fitness stimulates the mind, body and soul, on your soles. It gives you a feeling of positive wellbeing and wholeness.

Nordic WALX is the original exhilarating cheeky exercise in disguise without the huff n puff.

Increase the calorie burn by 40% by adding poles to your walk and work your upper body AND lower body at the same time! Nordic walking is a technical fitness walk and with the correct instruction and class engagement you will be giggling your way to a fitter happier you. Release the endorphins, the body’s own laughter chemicals and feel stress just melt away. We also use BungyPumps which increases the calorie burn up to 75% and really works the upper body with 4kgs of resistance.

Exercising in the great outdoors has so many benefits so why not come along to your local walk and you will be given a warm and friendly welcome; starting your journey of well-being with a group of like-minded, passionate and supportive people

Our WALX Master, Coaches and Guides are professional, qualified and passionate about making our WALX unforgettable!

  • So whether you want to walk for fitness, fun or simply to be in the great outdoors, join now and explore WALX that are welcoming, well organised and inspirational… wherever you may be.
  • Join one of our Drop-in WALX to find out more and take your first steps into a world of WALX.
  • If you’re an occasional walker, you can find a Drop-in WALX where you will be welcome to join in whenever it suits you. If you want more, then the WALX membership is ideal for you.
  • For a low cost monthly fee you can join unlimited WALX with us.
  • Check out our blogs and see what fun is in store on our online diary.
  • Stay in touch and sign up for our Newsletter.



Carla – WALX Coach

Carla has been Nordic walking since January 2017. She was delighted to learn that she was able to achieve her walking goals easily despite having arthritis in both her knees. She was hooked. Hills became her playground rather than something to be avoided and she can now drive a golf ball further than ever before.
She love’s the way that we can exercise with a great group of people and push ourselves without realising how hard we are working. She has become much fitter and stronger – this is the perfect release from her busy job!!

She really enjoyed having a training goal and love the ability to train for and take part in challenges such as the 5km Santa Run, Theale Park 10k, Purbeck 16 and the 50km Round Reading Ultramarathon both for herself and as a walk leader. It is inspiring to help others achieve beyond their wildest expectations.

“We are all able to participate together whatever our fitness level and our own specific goal.  The team spirit and support that I have received while Nordic Walking has really inspired me to help others experience the same.”

Despite her initial knee issues she has gone from strength to strength. We have cheekily nicknamed her our “Lean Mean Mile Munching Machine” as she loves to stride out. She also enjoys coaching people to reach their own potential and believe in themselves.

Carla supported the club as a WALX Guide and then later qualified as a WALX Coach She brings to the team a wealth of experience especially mindset focus, planning and preparing for Challenges.  

Carla supports our Challenge series teams and workshops. She also enjoys golf and is amazed at how she can walk more efficiently and strongly when out playing. Hills are no longer an issue, but “good friends”.

Charlotte – WALX Guide

Meet Charlotte, our senior WALX Guide. She started Nordic Walking with WALX With Sole in July 2016 and really got bitten by the Nordic Walking bug. 

“I honestly believe I am one of the most uncoordinated people on the planet, but I seem to find walking with poles easy and very enjoyable.  Walking helps me relax, unwind and clear my head.  It also has the added bonus of a full body workout.”
When she is not out with her poles she can often be found with her head in a book or improving her photography skills, as an amateur photographer.  She is also currently supporting the Sue Ryder Hospice.
Charlotte has been supporting our Beginners and inspiring our health and wellbeing groups since 2017.

Carol – WALX Guide

Having decided in 2017 to think about early retirement I wanted to find a hobby to help keep me fit and fill some of my spare time, with this in mind I discovered Nordic walking!

I completed my ‘Learn to Nordic walk’ course in July 2017 and haven’t looked back. I am obsessed with staying as fit as I possibly can now that I am retired and walk three times a week, the all over workout in our wonderful outdoor ‘gym’ just lifts the soul and makes it sing 🎶. 
I am thrilled to be a WALX Coach with WALX With Sole to impart my enthusiasm and to assist all its lovely walkers and the new friends we are yet to meet. 

Janine Lewis – WALX Master

Janine Lewis

Janine is the WALX For Sole Master: qualified as a Nordic Walking Instructor, Freestyle Fitness Yoga Coach and Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing (TMW) Coach. She is the creator of  Qi WALX and Qi Breathing WALX; slow is strong.She also cascades the WALX official training program to new WALX Guides and is part of the Business Development team for WALX.

Janine discovered Nordic walking in 2009 when she decided to take part in long distance events. Her first ultra marathon was the Forces March, billed as 5 marathons over 5 days. She did this dressed as a 6ft duck and for the Veteran’s Charity. She continued to use Nordic walking for fitness and keep her weight and blood pressure down. She loved the all over body conditioning and toning from the Nordic poles and at the same she could be exercising her five dogs and be outdoors. She has also been a keen open water swimmer, kayaker and backpacker.

Since 2010 she has mentored and coached many people to aspire to weight loss and fitness challenges. She has also taken on a few more challenges from 5km barefoot runs to 24 hour solo ultras.

At school Janine hated sports and would avoid being in a gym. Fresh air fitness stimulates the mind, body and soul, on the soles and gives a feeling of wellbeing and wholeness. A change of perspective as what exercise is and how much fun it can, with so many positive benefits has switched Janine around to love “sports”.

She loves endurance events and shares her passion and anecdotes to inspire members to take up a challenge.

Her team building events and girl parties have been successful. She enjoys creating walks of all kinds, from those to test your own strength of mind and body, to a themed party walk such such as WALX with Hawks, Prosecco Parties with added bounce, Detox Breaks WALX …oh the list is endless.

Janine will help you re-discover your inner sparkle; WALX With Sole isn’t just about exercise but a way of life.

She is also available as a guest speaker. Her most requested themes are “Rambling Duck Tale Adventures”, “Kindfulness for longevity” and “Slow is Strong”.

Janet – WALX Guide

Janet joined the WALX With Sole team in May 2019. She took up Nordic walking to compliment her cross training for running. She is also a keen Outdoor Swimmer, with a penchant for wild swims, plus cycling.

Rachel – WALX Guide

Rachel joined the WALX With Sole team in May 2019. She took up Nordic walking to help lose weight and regain energy. She has an under active thyroid. She now feels she has got her life back and would like to share her story and enthusiasm to inspire others.


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