Beat The Blues and Add Green!

It’s not always easy to remember how to be happy especially when the spinning plates that you are juggling suddenly start to crash down on you. We noisily affirm that it is ok to have an off day. But it’s not always easy to get back in to the good vibes and strut your funky stuff again. How are we going to help? Our top tips will get engage the inner child to help you embrace your fears, try new things and let it out with a scream sometimes. We shall also pump up the Superhero in you and boost your confidence, give you ways to overcome stress and help you reach your full potential again.

1. Cheer in the chaos 

Life is full of chaos no matter how much you plan and prepare.

There will always be something that comes up out of no where when you’re trying to plan a birthday party orschedule out your day.

Think of life as a party of toddlers; sometimes they will all be smiles and cooperate or they will be like demons hell bent on destruction. There is no rhyme or reason for their behaviour; they just have melt downs or maniacal guffawing moments at what seems like nothing.

Not only is this an uncomfortable situation for some people, it’s often difficult to finish tasks and make decisions when chaos comes into our lives.

Embrace the chaos and let it work in your favour, either by learning about each element of the situation or focusing on what aspects of the situation you can control, that way your decisions can be made to benefit you.

Take out tip: Focus on what you can control and let the rest happen.

2. Be comfortable with discomfort 

This lesson is all about reaching outside your comfort zone.

This is similar to embracing the chaos, but instead of letting the Toddler Party catch you off guard, just put yourself into the middle of it which is likely to be somewhere new and uncomfortable.

This could be physically, such as holding pigeon pose longer or signing up for a new decent challenge.

It can also be anything like trying new foods or travelling to a new exotic area you wouldn’t normally choose.

3. head held high, just move forward. 

Sometimes we prefer to linger in the rut as we are familiar with it; anything new is daunting and scary.

But you have to move forward into your future no matter what.

After you have become comfortable with your discomforts, work bravely to reach the goals that you want to achieve.

This might require a deep amount of planning and learning along the way, but always remember that nothing will move unless you force it to move.

While taking small steps to achieve your larger goals, do it with passion and determination.

This way you will be able to move on from your ruts and build a life you want for yourself. Go boldlyin the direction of your future.

Take out tip: Recognise a rut when you’re in one and take a small step each day to get out of it.

4. Strike the Superhero Pose 

It’s hard to believe in yourself and your future when you don’t have the confidence to.

In order to begin building self-confidence, why not just ‘strike the superman pose.’

Hold your head high, distance your feet shoulder width apart and put your hands on your hips.

As Amy Cuddy mentions in her Ted Talk on body language, the Superwoman (aka. Wonder Woman pose) is a high-power pose and can change the way in which you feel about yourself. Same for the men, but as Superman, if you prefer.

Doing this pose everyday can start to give you the confidence to make that public speech or nail that job interview.

The purpose of this pose is to help you start to build the self-confidence you may need to begin to transform your life.

Take out tip: Learn the body language of confidence and do it, even when you don’t feel confident.

5. Know your life soundtrack 

What is that voice inside your head saying about you? Is it positive or negative?

Not only is body language important to build confidence in yourself, but so are the words you are saying to yourself.

If you are constantly berating yourself for making mistakes or calling yourself fat when you look into the mirror, it’s time to change your soundtrack.

You can do this by practising already written up positive affirmations daily, or just working on your own to make your inner voice more accepting and inspirational.

Once you begin to treat yourself with respect and kindness you can continue to build confidence to reach your life goals.

Take out tip: Look into the mirror each day and tell yourself the specific reasons why you’re hot and amazing. Stop negative self-talk in its tracks.

6. Take control of time 

This teaches you that selfishness is okay and sometimes necessary when it comes to life.

The clock is a wonderful tool that allows us to track our days and plan events, but it more often controls our own schedules.

It tells us when we can’t make it to the gym or that our personal plans have to wait because of a work deadline.

So why not ‘divide up the clock.’ Keep a notebook handy that can keep track of the time you spend on activities and when you change plans.

This way you will know where all your time is going and the habits you may have when changes arise.

You can then begin to take steps to rewrite your schedule to better budget your time and dedication to yourself.

Just watch out for those Toddler Parties to sneak in!

Take out tip: Plan you-time in your diary the same way you plan non-negotiable work events.

7. Get off the worn path and cut your own!

You can broaden your horizons by travelling or experiencing new things.

This is what will allow you to grow past the person you are momentarily and discover new things in life you may enjoy.

You can travel on a whim to a new country if that’s what it takes, but you can also take this opportunity to read a book on something you know nothing about or by ordering take away from a restaurant you have never ordered from before.

Doing this will open you up to new experiences and build flexibility in life to better handle changes when they may come.

These things can be either within or out of your comfort zone because what’s most important is that it is something entirely new to you.

Take out tip: Do more entirely new things and you will build up your courage and confidence when new uncontrollable surprises arise in your life.

8. Square up to your fears and ghoulies

One of the biggest things in life that will hold you back is your fears.

Your fears will never go away unless you address them and work to get over them.

This might mean taking your jumper off and stride out in a T-shirt whilst Nordic walking in your community or even go for a cardio burn out knowing you will get a beetroot red face in public! Or even, booking a flight even though you are scared of flying.

The larger the fear the more you’re going to have to work in order for it go away. The faster you challenge them the less your fears to hold you back.

Take out tip: Do the thing you fear the most.

9. Relax, skive off and really let your hair down

Your brain needs a break from the constant stream of attention and concentration you experience during the day.

This could be a walk in the local park at your lunch break or time on the internet to browse if you can’t leave the office.

Don’t get upset if you find yourself flipping through television channels or magazines because that is also a much needed break from concentration.

Doing this will also allow you to open your mind to new things.

Who knows, maybe you’ll find a brand new recipe in a fashion magazine to try that you would normally have just skipped past.

Skiving off gives you the time you need to get back into reality and potentially find new passions in life.

Take out tip: Take breaks in which you do what you like. Have fun like no one is watching.

10. Know what really annoys you

Negative feelings aren’t always bad. Sometimes they can help you figure out what you really care about and where your emotions run deep.

Why not write a list of the top five things that make you angry and discover what common theme connects them.

You can then channel that anger when something might annoy you again positively to get you out of your bad mood

You might want to build even further past that to find an exercise plan or volunteer work that can help to channel the now positive anger.

By knowing what angers you you will never become ’emotionally dead.’

Take out tip: Get angry about things that matter to you.

11. Release your inner ROAR 

Never let yourself bottle up too much stuff. It will cause stress and conflict in your life when it shouldn’t.

Let your cork loose to relieve tension, cheer yourself on or just to let the world know how angry you may be.

If you do this, remember to do it in an environment that you can hear it and build yourself up from it.

Don’t let this practice become another negative record playing in your head. Use it to cheer yourself on.

Take out tip: Whether it’s through writing in a journal or doing some boxing training, don’t bottle up your emotions. It’s ok to not be ok.

Updated: April 27, 2020 — 2:45 pm