Daily kindfulness nurtures positivity

Kindness is the biggest small thing we can give. It costs

us little and yields large dividends. It impacts people you don’t know and cheers people you love.

Kindness  is the greatest gift you can give and receive. Give it to the folks in your life who need it most. You know who they are and you know why they need it. And then, stop, drop and give it to yourself.

But it is not just about being kind, but being full of kindness.

There are a few synonyms for kindness including friendliness, thoughtfulness, gentleness, concern, care, understanding, for example. When you show acts of kindness it has a warming effect and becomes a reciprocal practice. But it is a rare thing to see and do. I do strongly believe that the world and our space shared with others will be so much brighter if it were to become a daily practice, either spontaneous or thoughtfully guided. 

When people are treated with kindness, that kind word or deed is appreciated. It also has a domino effect; it encourages us to put. Positive foot forward, brings on an unexplainable bright spark, a ray of hope for the day. It is an instant moment of warmth and buzz. What have you done to make yourself smile and feel warm from within? 

On the contrary, when unkind words are spoken, it breaks the inner spirit, makes us feel vulnerable and  discouraged. It is hurtful and often requires much time and energy to recover from that unkindness. It often leaves us cold and unloved and that negative impact haunts us for an unnecessary length of time, which also has an effect on the world and people around you.

Being kind does not mean empty words are spoken to please someone, it is seeing the good in people and bringing out that strength. Seeing a weakness or an area for improvement and encouraging an individual to take that step to get better, to become stronger.

Kindness is not being weak and being soft about something. It is the courage to recognise people as unique individuals and deserving to be appreciated. It is not about allowing someone to continue to go down a seemingly wrong road. It is about being a guide to show the correct practise or way, yet always being kind. An act or words of kindness – uplifts, builds, encourages, and spurs one on.

WALX 3JFitness is about nurturing positivity and seeing the shining light at the end of a tunnel. Some people take a slow pace to that light. And that is ok. Some rush towards it forgetting to enjoy the journey there. We show kindfulness by encouraging you to have the healthiest happiest body you can have for you to enjoy a fulfilled life. Our ethos is about kindfulness, mindfulness and having a caring supportive community. 

What if we took mindfulness a step further to include our communities?

What if we were both mindful and kind? Kindfulness involves awareness of both self and others. It involves intentional kind actions that greatly benefit general wellness and mental health. Kindfulness creates purpose and encourages passion. But kindfulness should be about putting yourself in the spotlight first.

What if we intentionally practiced kindfulness and encouraged others to do the same?

What would happen to our world, and more immediately, to us?

Practicing kindfulness is about doing more of what makes YOU happy.

Kindfulness is about finding your inner sparkle and then releasing it. The hedonistic pleasures of being kind to yourself first is highly addictive and very attractive to others.

It is a powerful positive force that will sweep others along in your wake. What a beautiful world it could be if we can share the sparkle.

Please do share with us what you love to do as a wonderful treat for yourself.

Some of you have already mentioned these ideas:

  • Train London and walk across Hyde Park.
  • Bath with essential oils and candles.
  • Spa Day at Nirvana
  • 90 minute float at Pangbourne’s flotation centre
  • Order a bouquet of flowers to be delivered to your home or work address.
  • Buy yourself some flowers from a shop or florist (preferred choice)
  • Retail therapy somewhere new and enjoy a cocktail or two.
  • Buy fresh baked artisan bread and top it with favourites such as honey, nutella or cheese.
  • Train to the seaside and enjoy a bag of chips on the shore.
  • Have a PJ day with netflix and favourite wine and chocolates.
  • Wear decadent undies all day for just the sheer devil of it.
  • Stare at the layers of dust, then grab poles and just get out walking.
Updated: April 27, 2020 — 2:19 pm