Getting ready for our “new normal”

Goodness! We are just 22 weeks away from Christmas and a new start for 2021! Yes, that is where my mind has been wondering too as I reflected on 2020; it certainly has tested us to the core.

COVID 19  is not just a one-off pandemic that will blow over soon. We have all had to make adjustments and work with a new “normal” to allow our lives to roll on. It has certainly given me an opportunity to realise how vulnerable my lifestyle is and how weak my financial stability is. Many of you have adjusted to working from home, working with distractions, maybe on extended furlough, or even been made redundant. We all have to survive and adjust accordingly.

I have returned to my therapy support work with young people so a few changes had to be made to how many walks I could feasibly offer, plus the complexities of coordinating business and career. Our team dynamics have also changed with the retirement of one and energy changes of another. Change is now inevitable to ensure the WALX With Sole members can still enjoy their fresh air fitness with friends, with the accountability of qualified walk leaders and instructors.

I have always been proud of the WALX diary and the enormous variety that was offered – not just locations but also energy and ability. That is something that I will bever change so, the diary has been tweaked and improved to avoid dilution of attendance and to maximise on your availability and WALX times. A couple of walks have been shuffled around and it does have a new look. Hurrah!  Do check it out!

We are now officially closed on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

The good news is that we will now be offering Sunday WALX!

The week will look like this:

10.00 am Carol’s walks in Thatcham
10.00 am Janine’s Gentle Pace with Chi Fusion (different location each week)
18.30 pm Charlottle’s GlowWorms in Caversham

7.00 am Rachel’s 90-minute Earlybirds
10.00 am Janine’s 90-minute Waterside Stride out Chi Fusion WALX
18.30 pm Janine’s 60-minute  Easyepaced walks
18.30 pm Janet’s 90-minute stride out.

7.00 am Rachel’s 90-minute Earlybirds
8.30 am 60-minute Whizz WALX
8.30 am 60-minute Gentle Paces

Alternate Sundays:
9.30 am 2-3 hour Saunters from different locations

WALX in blue are subject to Janine’s availability.

That gives you a lot of choices each week and also some time for the team to recce new walks. Where would you like to go? Currently on the list is a Silchester long walk, Watership Downs, Avebury, Ridgeway in Chunks, Thames Path in Chunks.

Thanks for reading and I do hope to see you out on a WALX soon!