Hilary shares her renewed love of outdoor fitness with walking poles

Outdoor fitness with poles is something we could take for granted if we presume that everyone will have a good experience with a particular style of walking pole. For example, Janine teaches all beginners with her favourite, Leki Nordic Walking poles. But they aren’t necessarily the right poles for some.

Meet Hilary, one of our newest members. She gained her WALX Freedom Passport in November, during a rather wet and bluster month. She proudly announces that she is 72 and at no time did the weather stop her from attending the Beginner course despite Mother Nature throwing a few temper tantrums.

She initially started off with Leki poles. In week one we show you how to plant, push and propel forward with the poles. The coordination and rhythm did not come easily but with her infamous smile she showed true grit and kept on trying. But she still looked uneasy.

Janine has been redefining the walking with poles technique for the Parkinson’s Group on a Tuesday using the Activator Poles. The technique has been adapted to take advantage of the gloveless Activator Pole design which has a sturdy “ergonomic coregrip“, or rather, a stable ledge, for the hand to rest upon, instead of the demi-glove. The side of the hand pushes down on to the strap or ledge, and that is where the magic happens to activate core engagement plus the dynamic upper body lift. Hence the effect of getting an upper body workout and the sense of feeling lighter through the body as it reduces the impact through the lower joints

Janine swopped the Leki Poles for the Activator Poles and started again with teaching Hilary the technique to help her achieve the Nordic walking technique benefits but with more confidence and ease.

As soon as Hilary started using the Activator Poles she said “that’s a far more positive experience”.

Hilary went on to complete the Beginner course and now is really starting to notice the differences to her fitness and strength. Over time, Hilary had not been able to go along to her previous walking groups as he own fitness levels and stamina had dwindled. But she has now found a more satisfying way to walk for fitness with beautiful scenery. Plus she has the advantage of walking with a qualified WALX Master Nordic Walking Instructor who ensures each member gets the most out of this wonderful activity; we teach to suit the individual and continue coaching them to help them get stronger and fitter. Being adaptable with technique and knowing the potential of different walking poles ensures everyone stays safe and builds confidence, not just muscles and mileage.

Hear Hilary share her love pole walking for fitness!


ACTIVATOR and URBAN 300 series poles were designed for post/hip knee surgery, Parkinson’s, stroke, MS, chronic pain, cancer rehab, spinal conditions and fall prevention. If you have a chronic condition or awaiting surgery ask your physician or therapist if the ACTIVATOR Poles are right for you. ACTIVATOR poles promote active living and over 182 independent studies on PubMed have found walking poles improve strength, balance, posture, walking tolerance & speed and reduce impact off knee joints.

The moulded ergonomic handles on these innovative Urban fitness walking poles makes them ideal for those who want to engage the upper body with every step or gain stability without having to master full Nordic Walking technique. The handles literally fit your hands and place the poles into the ultimate fitness walking position. Easy to adjust, easy to master and great for stability and rehabilitation too. Lightweight, stylish and highly effective!

There are three designs, including a traveller’s version. All Activator and Urban 300 series poles can be bought through the sole UK suppliers, Nordic Walking UK.

Updated: April 27, 2020 — 1:34 pm