Carla – WALX Coach

Carla has been Nordic walking since January 2017. She was delighted to learn that she was able to achieve her walking goals easily despite having arthritis in both her knees. She was hooked. Hills became her playground rather than something to be avoided and she can now drive a golf ball further than ever before.
She love’s the way that we can exercise with a great group of people and push ourselves without realising how hard we are working. She has become much fitter and stronger – this is the perfect release from her busy job!!

She really enjoyed having a training goal and love the ability to train for and take part in challenges such as the 5km Santa Run, Theale Park 10k, Purbeck 16 and the 50km Round Reading Ultramarathon both for herself and as a walk leader. It is inspiring to help others achieve beyond their wildest expectations.

“We are all able to participate together whatever our fitness level and our own specific goal.  The team spirit and support that I have received while Nordic Walking has really inspired me to help others experience the same.”

Despite her initial knee issues she has gone from strength to strength. We have cheekily nicknamed her our “Lean Mean Mile Munching Machine” as she loves to stride out. She also enjoys coaching people to reach their own potential and believe in themselves.

Carla supported the club as a WALX Guide and then later qualified as a WALX Coach She brings to the team a wealth of experience especially mindset focus, planning and preparing for Challenges.  

Carla supports our Challenge series teams and workshops. She also enjoys golf and is amazed at how she can walk more efficiently and strongly when out playing. Hills are no longer an issue, but “good friends”.