March 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to your March Newsletter!

Welcome to the March edition of the Newsletter that shares the Nordic Walking Adventures in Berkshire. We are your outdoor gym with the WALX with Sole team that guide you on exciting routes safely and share the smileage.

How fabulous was it to hear the news that we can start walking in groups from Monday, March 29th?

So we have been busy behind the scenes completing safety checks on the paths we use, checking out new walks and seeing if we can find a plant, shrub, tree, mushroom or flower that Rachel doesn’t know. her knowledge is astonishing!

The WALX schedule is now online and you can start booking in! There are a few changes to reflect the availability of your amazing WALX Team. The graph gives you a snapshot of how the week looks.

Green is the colour that everyone can get involved in.

Blue is the colour for our Gentle Paces.

Red is the colour for the smokin’ heels of the fast pacers.

Yellow is the colour for our new beginner courses, Power of Poles, or PoPs.

These can be viewed online and it is easy to book from there.

Friday walks will now be in the afternoon. More people are able to join in plus you can spend the afternoon enjoying downtime before the weekend. Oh, and did someone mention a pub? cake? teashop?

Thank you, Charlotte!

Charlotte is one of our long-serving team members. It is with sadness that she is leaving us.

I can remember when she first started Nordic walking; a tall dis-co-ordinated giggly person who apologised that she kept doing the Spotty Dog and almost tripping over. For those who have walked with

her, you will know she has become an inspirational person, helping everyone get the miles in at speed and with such grace!

She will still join us for a few walks when she is able.

What is coming up?

At last, we can start to plan some extra walks and socials.

Martin will be our new Sunday WALX Guide. He has 5 walks he is keen to share and they will be added to the WALX schedule next month. The one with 3 pubs will be saved for our 5th Birthday Weekend of the 15th May!

The Reading Half Marathon is now scheduled for November 7th.

Our team of 15 Nordic Walkers are excited that they may actually get to do it 4th time lucky! It is not too late for you to sign up and join in the fun. Click on the link!

We support you with training and workshops. There are plenty of walks in the week to help get you marathon ready.

The first aptly titled Burn Rubber Workshop is Saturday 17th April. This is not just for those training for the half marathon. It is open to those who want to really improve their fitness and cardio, or trainin

g for other challenges.

Janine, our WALX Master, has many half marathons to ultra marathons miles in the bag and shares her extensive knowledge of not just how to move efficiently but the importance of hydration, refuelling, kit and even how to go to the loo on the hoof. What goes on, on a workshop, stays on the workshop!

Happy birthday, Ladies!

This month we have 12 birthdays! These include Rachel, Janine, Pam S, Alison P and Karen B.

Your help is required to build our 5-star rating for Facebook and Google. Stars mean engagement and growing your walking club. That adds to fun, motivation and of course, friendships.

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