Yoga WALX with a twist!

Let’s take yoga outdoors and enjoy the freedom of freestyle fitness yoga! This blog is an extract from Janine’s Yoga Teacher Training Day. It’s the 9th March 2019. I am about to do something both stupid and exhilarating. Arriving early and sitting in the car park at the Bracknell David Lloyd Club, I wasn’t really […]

Where does Nordic Walking come from?

Nordic walking was born from Cross country skiing. The Winter Olympics has inspired many people to get active and have a go at a variety of new sports.   Nordic walking is a perfect activity for all abilities and ages. We ensure we have sessions from gentle paces to cardio stride outs. If you have […]

Top Ten Stress Busters

When life is not a bed of roses then it can be all too much to think of how to back paddle and get out of a bad day unscathed. Here we share ten top tips to help bust the stress. However, when all else fails, grab your Poles and just get out for some […]