Nordic WALX with Qigong and Tai Chi

We have extended a WALX repertoire to include Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing, Qi WALX and Qi Breathing.

Janine is one of the first NWUK instructors to complete the inaugural program written exclusively for us. We have focused on 8 movements that blend in and compliment our fresh air fitness philosophy. Both exercises programs have so many scientifically backed benefits and the synergistic effect of using both together as a daily exercise routine is unbeatable! It has become recognised worldwide as two of the most powerful ways to improve both physical and mental health.

Tai Chi Movements for Wellbeing gives you a feeling of wellbeing and wholeness through graceful poetic, mindful movements. It derives from the traditions of Tai Chi and Chi King (Qi Qong) but without the complexity of these traditional forms. We have added it to our Nordic Walking as they compliment each other beautifully especially out in the wondrous green space and mother nature.

Let the Healing Powers of Tai Chi & Nordic Walking change your daily health and wellness forever.

The secret to a happier, healthier more vital life is now yours!

In an increasing number of medical studies on both Nordic Walking and Tai Chi has been found to help almost everything, from lowering blood pressure to managing stress to building strength and balance for Fall Prevention!

Your Comments:

Sarah Wilcock Really enjoyed my first Tai Chi and walk , still feeling verrrry relaxed 😌

Helen Lambert Very relaxing and helped the right muscles to fire up on the way back. Totally different to the marshal arts Tai Chi and looking forward to doing it again.

Ros Richards A really relaxing experience, with those Tai Chi movements intended to balance the Nordic Walking ones! Worked a treat for me!

Els Kooij-Connally Lovely introduction to Tai Chi. Combination of canal walk and TC works a treat for me.

Anne Seymour Thoroughly enjoyed my first experience of Tai Chi. Thanks Janine! Looking forward to more sessions in the future!

Janet Leverton Not something I would have thought to try, what do I know! Very peaceful and calming, a great compliment to Nordic walking, thank you Janine Lewis.

Carol Edwards Lovely walk and Tai Chi Movements was a calming and mindful experience, looking forward to many more sessions, thank you Janine.

In Janine’s own words;

What is Tai Chi Movements for Well Being?

It’s a peaceful and mindful sequence of movements that stimulate the mind, body and soul. You are adding kindfulness into your life that will help nourish the mind, body and soul. It helps you live life rather than survive it.

In fact upon completing her certification she did also say;

Can you believe that I was rendered speechless as the effect has been so calming and peaceful.

Janine, speechless? Nah!(

Video recorded and produced by Janine Lewis at the first TMW course, Feb 2019)

Updated: April 27, 2020 — 2:24 pm