Weekly newsletter 121 – are we having an Indian Summer?

Woohoo! An Indian Summer to entice you outdoors and enjoy a mega-dose of Vitamin D and N(ature)!

For many of you, this fabulous weather has hopefully made your free time more pleasant. Some have been on holiday for a well-earned break from looking after little ones, and some have recovered from illness and can really enjoy this wonderful weather. It is just the tonic to lift the soul and without the fierce summer heat. But do apply sun lotion and stay hydrated.

All the photos that would normally get posted to social media can also be seen on our online gallery and shared through the newsletter. So no one misses out on seeing the fun had on our walks. Many of you may not have seen the spectacular sunrises and sunsets this week so they have been added already.

I have had quite a few enquiries to buy poles.
This is what I have available:

Leki Nordic walking poles (preloved) – £35
Activator poles (preloved) – £45
Brand new Fizan poles – £55
BungyPumps (preloved) – £35
Brand New BungyPumps – £70
Smoveys (preloved) – £35
ProXwalkers (preloved) – £20

Contact Janine to make the arrangements.


Quick Click on to your favourite WALX this week

Saturday 19th September
6.30-8.30 Saturday Duskateers Cotswold Sports Centre

8.00-9.30 Smileage Saturday Cotswold Sports Centre

9.30-10.30 Slow is Strong Cotswold Sports Centre

Sunday  20th September
8.30 Mad Duck Challenge Purley On Thames

Monday we are closed.

Tuesday 22nd September
18.00-19.39  Sulham Striders with Janet Cotswold Sports Centre
Wednesday 23rd September
10.00-11.30 WALX with Carol Thatcham Discovery Centre

11.00-12.30 Slow Is Strong Linear Park NOT THIS WEEK

6.30-20.00 pm Charlotte’s GlowWorms Caversham Bridge Meadows NOT THIS WEEK

Thursday 24th September
07:00-8.30 Earlybirds Cotswold Sports Centre

10.00-11.00 Gentle Paces Caversham Meadows

19.00-20.00 pm Urban Headtorch Canters Cotswold Sports Centre

Friday 25th September
10.00-11.30am Sociable Woodland WALX Cotswold Sports Centre

Coming up on Sundays will be 2-hour Fitter Faster sessions (alternate Sundays)

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Updated: October 8, 2020 — 12:10 pm